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Hygge home

Do you often think where is the best place for family life, work and spending free time? We want to present an interesting project - a place that you can soon call your home.

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The author’s design of the complex is filled with the atmosphere of Danish comfort and ease.

Panoramic windows overlooking the landscaping and magnificent fountains, giving a sense of calm, characteristic of Danish philosophy.


about hygge

What is hygge?

The Danish created a certain lifestyle which has been kept invariably for 5 centuries.  Its essence lies in simplicity that brings well-being and inner joy.  The basis of such life is cozy atmosphere.

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Акции в июле в ЖК Hygge Home

В июле в ЖК Hygge Home мы предлагаем для наших клиентов самые выгодные акции на покупку жилья.


Как строится ЖК Hygge Home в июле

В июле в жилом комплексе Hygge Home оформляем фасады! Публикуем фото со строительной площадки.

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Hygge home

The residential complex HYGGE HOME is located in a picturesque area at the address: Kyiv region, Irpin, Oleg Koshovy street, 17

  • city Irpen
    • + 38 (095) 428-78-87
    • + 38 (097) 428-78-87
    • + 38 (093) 428-78-87

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